RosterSource as an Open source industry platform, enables physician roster data exchange across systems and organizations, architected to provide universal secure integration capability in real-time.

Physician Roster Challenge

Healthcare Provider roster changes are difficult to capture and harder to share by a physician practice. Roster updates are done on EHR/EMR, RCM, HR system or maintained in a spreadsheet, but are not integrated with a physician practice website or with supported Health Insurance Plans. This lack of automation adds cost, reduces productivity and can lead to revenue loss or an unsatisfactory patient experience. Healthcare Insurance Plans are on the hook for CMS penalties, forcing manual cross checks for regular physician roster updates. Today’s approaches are inadequate, as they are error prone and add significant cost overhead to Plans and Providers.

RosterSource Platform as a Service (PaaS) open source solution

RosterSource Platform solves this problem by bringing real-time provider roster data from various internal physician practice systems securely to authorized and practice approved RosterSource users on the RosterSource network. These users can be other peer physician practices or plans that individual providers have contracted with, for healthcare services. The history of all the roster changes including RosterSource address duplication, merger and conflict resolution of the physicians' roster is maintained.

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